Structural material for upholsteries and cold foaming.

The innovative composite material ideal for upholsteries and cold foamings.

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Polimex® revolutionizes
the design world.

This is a new polymeric material with excellent structural properties, used as a bearing and moldable filler for upholstered furniture and cold foamings. Compared to traditional frames, the ones with Polimex® soul are lighter and environmentally sustainable, affordable in price and versatile in shapes. Polimex® is a patented technological solution, a Superevo exclusive.

Esploso del Polimex | Superevo

100% versatile
because it gets any shape

It does not constrain design because it allows the production of objects of any shape, size and type, without the use of moulds. It can even take complex shapes usually obtainable only with processes of cold foaming and it is an alternative to the use of formed plates. Excellent substitute of traditional structures in wood or metal, Polimex® is compatible with traditional subsequent proceedings of cold foaming.

It doesn’t require any new mould

materiale versatile per imbottiti | Polimex

materiale leggero per imbottiti | Polimex

70% lighter
compared to the traditional systems for upholsteries

This material has a particular chemical composition which makes it infinitely lighter than similar articles made with traditional systems. Even the final conformation impacts on the total weight: with Polimex® we obtain three-dimensional structures that require smaller amounts of foam or upholstery


Two-seat sofa
L200 P90 H75

Upholstery net weight:
- with Polimex® structure: 40Kg
- with metal structure: 60kg
- with cold foaming: 70kg

Structures for cold foaming

The use of Polimex® replaces the traditional metal bearing structures bringing many advantages; a company using Polimex® is not obliged to modify its internal production processes.

Structures for upholsteries

The use of Polimex® allows to obtain also complex forms without using formed plates and expensive traditional methods.

materiale adatto a ogni stampo | Polimex

materiale ecosostenibile per imbottiti | Polimex


Obtained by the combination of compatible and recoverable materials, Polimex® is itself recyclable. Its use reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to 60%

materiale ignifugo per imbottiti | Polimex


Polimex® is subjected to tests and it affords efforts and mechanical stress. Certified Class 1-IM, it is fire-proof and it reduces the possibility for fire burning.