The goal of our SuperMag is to raise issues, articles, topics, and events which are close to our hearts. Whilst on the one hand we would like to keep you up to date with the steps we are taking as a company towards the future of environmental sustainability, on the other we would like to spread the word about the other praiseworthy initiatives which are springing up around us.

26 October 2022

Vectory in Sicam 2022

Vectory® Superevo’s division dedicated to rapid prototyping of products for the furniture industry, from October 18 to 21 was present at Sicam 2022 […]
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22 September 2022

New location for Superevo!

Superevo expands and changes location. We bought a new property in Pontedera, precisely in Gello. What are our main motivations? production capacity growth […]
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4 August 2022


The Tag RFID allows the customer to access extra content like how to disassemble, clean and service the product. The access also allows […]
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20 June 2022

ISO Certifications 9001:2015 – ISO 45001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015

ISO certifications represent an important attestation for companies interested in making use of effective tools to verify the compliance of their management systems […]
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22 November 2021

Life Cycle Assessment

In Superevo® we firmly believe in innovation according to the rules of sustainability. We are convinced that sustainability, in addition to reducing the […]
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30 August 2021

Superevo 2030 Project

The Superevo 2030 project has allowed the following steps: Classification of operations as part of the various production phases, Definition of the actors […]
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21 July 2021

“Un divano spaziale” now available on this website

The pdf version of the book “Un divano Spaziale” written by Fabio Salvadori is now available free of charge and can be downloaded […]
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6 July 2021

Un Divano Spaziale (Space Sofà)

The book by Fabio Salvadori “Un Divano Spaziale” is online from today Tuesday 6 July on Downloadable for free (, the author […]
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20 May 2021

Please Stand One Meter Away

We believe in young people with innovative ideas, which is why we believed in this small start-up founded just in this pandemic time. […]
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20 May 2021

Time to market

Time to market is the time taken from production to the sale of a piece of furniture, must be reconsidered. Too long waiting […]
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