Vectory is the Superevo division dedicated to rapid prototyping of products for the furniture industry.

Currently making a new sample implies a wait of several months. It is also necessary to deal with multiple suppliers or craftsmen, often engaged in mass production, to have a first functional prototype with which to evaluate shapes, comfort and feasibility of the project itself.

Vectory goes beyond this model and for this reason it proposes today, in collaboration with a network of high-level professionals available on a national scale, a new quality rapid prototyping service to provide in a few days not only the sample of the product to be made but all the specific techniques, drawings and documentation necessary for any future engineering and development of the product.

Who are our prospects?

The new division of Superevo, Vectory is aimed for all those companies increasingly attentive to the value of their time for which the reduction of the time to market – when launching new products – is becoming extremely important.

Vectory allows Clients to present a new product to the market without major investments, participate in trade fairs with a small series of products, or simply evaluate the development of potential idea.

At the end of the sampling, Clients will be free to develop the production according to the most congenial technology.

The true value of Vectory lies in the possibility for Clients to make the most suitable decisions (such as developing the product, making design changes, abandoning the project), being able to quickly dispose of the sample.

Rendering realization

Vectory helps Clients by being the one and only supplier who leads the project from the rendering to the finished sample; providing not only the blank prototype but, if requested, also the fabric covering, according to the Clients’ specifications. In the end, Vectory elaborates the economic evaluation for mass production identifying to the most suitable production model.

Soon it will be possible to complete the product also with expected accessories (legs and various details).

Not only upholstered furniture

Vectory offers its Clients the opportunity to study and sample a wide range of furniture products. In addition to upholstered products, thanks to the exclusive Polimex® technology, the service is extended by a wide range of furnishing accessories, from tables to shelves, or other interior design projects.

Quality and speed respecting the environment

Vectory uses Polimex® technology, ideal for creating a wide range of prototypes, even of uncommon dimensions. Thanks to the purchase of raw materials from renewable sources and the end-of-life recovery of the material, the prototypes realized by Vectory are more sustainable than any sample made with current technologies.

Integrated traceability

Thanks to a team of experts, Vectory provides the complete material traceability service together with the sample supplied. The origin of the materials is important to ensure the best possible supply in compliance with EU regulations.

Exclusive advantages

Giving new projects to Vectory means obtaining a series of exclusive advantages including:

  • Having a single partner to support Clients from the beginning to the end of the project.
  • Reduction of time from 3D to the realization of the sample / prototype.
  • Choosing different levels of realization, from the mock-up model made only for demonstration purposes to the final sample covered in fabric.
  • Arrangement of all the necessary documents both for the realization of the prototype and for the production phase.
  • Evaluation of production costs. If requested by Clients, Vectory will provide an initial evaluation of the industrial costs for a future production of the prototype.
  • Tax advantages: Vectory as an innovative company will operationally support Clients to get tax advantages related to the research and development of new products.
  • Confidential agreement. Vectory guarantees complete confidentiality regarding projects and creativity of Clients’ design, by signing a non-disclosure agreement for the projects received.

Vectory, the Game Changer